"Balé Folclórico got the audience dancing. At the end, gray-haired ladies were dancing up a storm as the high-energy on stage transferred to the audience. As one patron remarked, “It’s what Spoleto seemed created to be...”

The Post and Courier – USA.


"A national tour brought the company here tonight with a new, more spectacularly produced program that ended with the audience following dancers and drummers out of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The sight of previously staid viewers dancing on an outdoor plaza is no surprise to anyone who has seen this traditional close to Balé Folclórico’s performance..."

Anna Kisselgoff/The New York Times - USA

"A bracing Balé Folclórico bursts into town. You could call it the Brazilian "Blast" or the Bahian "Riverdance". With them one speaks in superlatives: the operative tempos are frenetic, the dynamics numbingly loud, the movement furious, the colors hallucinogenic..."

The Boston Globe – USA

"Brazilian show a breathtaker. Brazil’s Balé Folclórico da Bahia really needs one of those "fasten your seat belts" signs at the beginning of their shows. At times it wa difficult to take in all the movements, with the male and female dancers together and alone, spinning, jumping and whirling frenetically, but absolutely in control..."

Boston Herald – USA

"Fireworks and feats from Brazil. Turn off the eletricity; the dancers of Balé Folclórico da Bahia power the show..."

The Orange County Register – USA

"In a spectacular display of color, movement, music and drama, Balé Folclórico da Bahia proved that the famous north-eastern state of Brazil doesn’t just produce great singers..."

Chicago Sun-Times – USA

"In the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia, when something called samba reggae emerges, you have to imagine the air is full of rhythms intersecting, and the dance floors are vibrating with movements that come from everywhere. One way it gets exported is with Balé Folclórico da Bahia, which closes its latest show, with an eponymous samba reggae fest that turns into genial chaos..."

Los Angeles Times – USA